Cassius Richman

Cassius Richman

Cassius Richman

Cassius Richman doesn’t consider himself a homeless person, even though he doesn’t have a place to call his own.  He travels from city to city, staying a month or two in each one with relatives and friends.  He earns the money he needs for food each day by playing the saxophone.  He says he’s not homeless, because he has a place to go to sleep each night, and he’s never gone hungry.  He accepts his lack of a permanent home as part of the cost of living his dream as a traveling musician.  He’s a man of faith, and is thankful to have good health and the gift of music to enjoy and earn a living with.  I didn’t talk for too long with Cassius, because I wanted to let him go back to earning his keep.  I enjoyed just quietly listening to his music and thanking God for giving him such a gift, not just the ability to play the sax, but the wonderful attitude he has about life.

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