Wayne Walden

Wayne Walden

Wayne Walden

I could have spent all day talking to Wayne.  He’s so far from the typical characterization of a homeless person.   He’s educated, intelligent, knows God, loves God and people, knows the Bible better than most Christians, and knows Hebrew and Greek too!   He’s a writer as well as a musician.  He teaches Bible study and sings Gospel music.

Wayne became homeless 20 years ago, when he was served divorce papers and told to vacate his home.  It’s been a long journey, but he’s doing really well compared to other poor folks I know (and I’d even say he’s doing better than some rich folks I know).   I admire his independent spirit.  He has refused to get food stamps, and has chosen instead to grow his own food.  He’s a vendor for the Nashville local paper called The Contributor, a publication that was created to help the homeless, giving them a way to earn a living and contribute to the betterment of the community.  The Contributor has featured Wayne in their publication in 2012, and on their website, there’s a transcript of an interview with Wayne, as well as a link to a video that they created (so you can hear him speak for himself!).   You can read more about Wayne here.

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