Will you recognize your own family?

I haven’t posted here in a while.  I live out in the suburb, and my daily life doesn’t take me downtown where I would come across the homeless.  And if I do go, it is by car, not by foot, so I haven’t had a chance to meet any homeless person face to face and talk with them in a while.  I think about them all the time though, and at every opportunity, I would encourage people to see the homeless as people and treat them with dignity.  I came across this video today that powerfully illustrates how homeless people are overlooked on a daily basis, and how important it is to acknowledge them.  I am sharing the video here to help spread that message.   Please, please, take the time to at least acknowledge their existence.  Offer a smile, say hello, see them as human beings.  Don’t just walk by them like you would the lamp post or brick on a wall.  They are people, just like you and me.

One Comment on “Will you recognize your own family?”

  1. carol m yarde says:

    I do love this that youre doing. It’s taken me weeks to actually approach a gentleman that I believed to be homeless. I had so wanted to photograph him but was afraid he would chase me, hes alittle intimidating looking. Finally today I had the nerve to stop and talk to him. He absolutely refused to share my dinner which I offered up and he wouldn’t take any money from me. I so badly want to do something for him. He just wanted me to pray for him and I am. Hes one of the few people who refused anything from me, most people just want, want, want. I just wanted to say I was very glad I found the nerve to stop, though I still would love to do a black and white of it.


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