Judge Not

I was thinking today of an encounter that I had a few months ago when a young man in his late twenties, who I had just met for the first time under a bridge, asked me “Don’t you judge us?” Friends, it is such an awesome feeling to be able to say without hesitation – “No! Why would I do that?” I think he was pretty surprised by that reply, but it is absolutely true. Does that mean that I condone bad behavior or that I don’t want folks to break an addiction or reach their potential in life? Of course not. But what it does mean is that I don’t know anything about what has happened in their lives to bring them to this point as I have not walked one moment in their shoes (or anyone else’s for that matter). And while I may want to know more, for some people recalling their past is just too painful. In addition, they may be ashamed of things that they have done (or that have happened to them) – don’t we have all have things that we want to keep secret? Bottom line is I do not possess any real understanding of their brokenness, just as they do not of mine. But God knows us all and He can change a person’s heart in an instant. My goal is to make a connection with folks and encourage them to be accountable – both to God (Repentence) and to themselves so that they make the decision to follow Him and achieve the plan and purpose that He established for their life. Nothing else will work. The world needs far fewer people (how about zero) presuming they have the right to judge others and many more who are willing to walk alongside the lost and hurting and do everything they can to help lift them up.

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