Pathway to Recovery

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend the 6th annual Recovery Roundup at Pathway to Recovery here in Indianapolis. Pathway is an organization that has been helping homeless individuals become clean and sober, mentally stable, financially self-sufficient, and permanently housed since 1989. They are absolutely incredible! I arrived a little late, so when I got there they were doing the countdown representing how long folks had been sober. If there was someone in the audience who was at that particular milestone they would raise their hands, jump-up, or whatever they felt like doing and everyone would cheer for them – it was very cool. I walked-in at 36 years and they counted-down to a young lady who was at 2 days – she received a special gift of encouragement which was a book signed by all of the people there. I just cannot say enough about the amount of love that I witnessed from those who were in attendance, and this is coming from someone who really has no idea of the struggle that those battling addictions face, not to mention the fact that they were also homeless when they walked through the doors. I became aware of Pathway when a couple of men from the Jungle (homeless camp that I visited every Tuesday night with another group) went there after the camp was closed at the end of March, and I have met the Director, Sandy Jeffers, on one other occasion. She is a wonderful lady indeed!

Please take a few minutes and visit their website at to learn more about the work they do and how you can support them. Thank you!!

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