Update 7/23/17

I am very happy to announce that two of our friends have recently obtained shelter thanks to the efforts of awesome local professional service providers. For both, I am hopeful that this step off of the street will give them the stability that they need to move into the next phase of their transition out of homelessness. You can rest assured that we will continue to walk alongside them all of the way!

Paul, Sophie, and I have also been engaged with other friends who are still experiencing homelessness and we are working hard to build relationships and provide encouragement and guidance to help them plug-into the professional resources that they need to be successful. This includes interfacing with those who work in these areas so that we can know more about what they do and they will remember who we are as we try to advocate for our friends. There are so many great organizations who work on behalf of the homeless and we are going to begin profiling one each week on our website to introduce our audience to their outstanding work.

We also want to thank Dan & Elizabeth Zacharias and Paul & Nancy Kern for their recent donations to FOTH. We appreciate it so much and will work to make every penny count!

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