Winter Without a Home

Nobody would choose to camp out in this weather, but homeless people have no choice.

To have no home in the Winter in Indiana is brutal, especially with the north wind blowing. I’m writing this in my house, sipping hot coffee, wearing warm clothes, staying warm as I look out the window at the snow covered grounds. I can’t help but think of my homeless friends in Indianapolis who are living in tents outside in this snow.

I’m thankful that this past Tuesday night, my friend Paul Sitkberg and I had an opportunity to go to downtown Indianapolis to distribute some socks, hand warmers, and emergency blankets, along with flashlights and lanterns, to our homeless friends. It warmed our hearts to come back with empty boxes. We hope and pray those items are helping them to stay warm in the snow today.

The harshness of living outdoors in the Winter experienced by the homeless is a serious matter of life and death. This past week, a friend of ours, Jeffery Leatherbury, a sweet man who loved everyone, passed away after being taken to the hospital by a visitor to the camp who saw that he was ill. Alas, it was too late to save him. I will really miss his constant teasing that brought me much laughter every time I saw him. Another friend, Tony, was hospitalized for 10 days for pneumonia. I’m glad he recovered to visit with us this past Tuesday! The homeless people are especially vulnerable to sickness as they constantly live in the damp and cold environment. They need help to stay warm and dry. As you enjoy the warmth of your home and hot coffee, tea, or cocoa, please say a prayer for our homeless friends.

Thank you for all your support for our endeavor to help the homeless!

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