Apartments for the homeless

I was so happy when a friend showed me this news article about Walnut Commons in Muncie, Indiana.  Walnut Commons is a new apartment community building with a medical center attached, especially designed to meet the needs of the homeless people and help them transition out of homelessness.  I hope other cities across America would follow this example.  This approach to homelessness has been proven to be effective in other cities, and I hope it will become a standard community service in every city in the U.S., just like public schools and police department.  I see this as a very viable solution to the problem of homelessness in America.

Newly-constructed Walnut Commons in Muncie, Indiana.

Please click on the link below to find out more about this project, see more photos, and perhaps consider how you can help start something like this in the community where you live.

Will you recognize your own family?

I haven’t posted here in a while.  I live out in the suburb, and my daily life doesn’t take me downtown where I would come across the homeless.  And if I do go, it is by car, not by foot, so I haven’t had a chance to meet any homeless person face to face and talk with them in a while.  I think about them all the time though, and at every opportunity, I would encourage people to see the homeless as people and treat them with dignity.  I came across this video today that powerfully illustrates how homeless people are overlooked on a daily basis, and how important it is to acknowledge them.  I am sharing the video here to help spread that message.   Please, please, take the time to at least acknowledge their existence.  Offer a smile, say hello, see them as human beings.  Don’t just walk by them like you would the lamp post or brick on a wall.  They are people, just like you and me.