Thank You to Our Supporters!

We are so thankful to all who have contributed funds and/or supplies to us since our

launch in May of 2017. You are all Hope Dealers!

Tony Allison

Debra Anand

Alice Bailey

Sarah Bailey

John Brown

Barbara Brumley

Kathie Caton

Barb Dunn

Gabrielle Frith

Kory Geisser

Billy & Patsy Gillenwater

Randy Gordon & Sharon Southwood

Marti Grahl

David & Cheryl Hardacre

Phil Hawkins

Jenni Hoke

Lisa Jamison

Don Kentworthy

Paul & Nancy Kern

Bill Larison

Mark & Lori Lynch

Gerald Mink

Michelle Moore

Wayne & Reva Morris

Lynette Quinn

Julie Rozema

Craig Sawyer

Meredith Scudder

Ruth Ann Seger

Ron Sexton

Larry Shultz

Darren Smith

Sandy Stawiasz

Dave & Annie Surina

Lisa Vaughan

Don Vihn

Suzanne Wallace

MaryAnne Williams

Edward & Carol Wong

Dan & Elizabeth Zacharias

Grace Church

Hazelwood Christian Church

Knights of Columbus, Bishop Fulcher Council

Meet Me Under the Bridge

Overdose Lifeline, Inc

Share the Love Homeless Outreach