Lost Diamonds

It is both delightful and sad when I come across a homeless person with artistic talents. They are to me like diamonds in the rough, lost and forgotten by society. This sculpture of a tree was made for us by one of our homeless friends as a token of appreciation for the help we’ve given him. When I saw the sculpture, which, to me, is equal in beauty to the pieces of art that I’ve seen in galleries and gift shops, I couldn’t help but wonder. . . What if he is discovered by certain influential people with connection to rich people who would appreciate his art and buy it? Would he then be able to start a business making sculptures and get out of homelessness? Perhaps I’m just dreaming. But I’ve got to try to help make it happen for him. So here is my effort to share his art work, hoping that somewhere out there, someone with such influence and resource would feel moved to help him in ways that I cannot.

Lost diamonds. . . So many of them out there, homeless in Indianapolis.

4 Comments on “Lost Diamonds”

  1. Karen Allen says:

    Raw, simplistic beauty. This art, this picture, and your words give hope. What may be? If Global Gifts can help those in far off countries, what gallery, consignment shop, or retail front could offer a space for arts & crafts of the homeless?


    • Sophie Doell says:

      I envision an art gallery (probably virtual, to minimize overhead cost) specifically displaying art produced by the homeless, with proceeds going directly to each contributing artist. I’m just too tapped out now with all that I’m already doing to make this happen. But perhaps someone with the time and heart to help can do it?


      • Dan Z says:

        Sophie, I think you’re onto something. There may be other diamonds out there as well, waiting to be discovered.

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      • Sophie Doell says:

        Oh, yes, I know of more diamonds! Just imagine, an art gallery (brick-and-motar or just a website) dedicated to displaying and selling their work. If only I have the time and energy for another project! I’d be glad to do the photography, but the website management will be more than I can handle on top of everything else I’m doing. (I know my limitation!) We may have to bring on another volunteer. 🙂


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